Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Result are in for 3LAB's Newest Product: Perfect Cleansing Foam!

This rich and creamy, gentle foaming cleanser nourishes as it cleanses away makeup and impurities. It is perfect for all skin types – even the most sensitive of skin. $40.00

By divvydog:
I have extremely sensitive skin and this cleanser leaves no irritation at all. My favorite thing about it is not only how well it cleans, but how amazingly well it rinses off my skin. This feels like a low detergent, but effective facial wash. I will buy this product, without a doubt!
Review posted 02/02/2010

By lahscious:
Words cannot express how much I LOVE this cleanser!! I have normal/combo skin with occasional blemishes and this cleanser works wonders on my skin. It is super foamy without any of the usual yukky "harmful" ingredients found in so many cleansers today. It smells great, it rinses clean without leaving a film on your skin. I love, love, love this cleanser! One word of caution: The product is super-concentrated. A little bit goes a LONG way. I don't even use the size of a dime & it's PLENTY for me.
Review posted 12/30/2009

By georgieyp:
I love this face wash. My face feels SO clean after I use this, yet, it doesn't leave my skin feeling tight and desperately in need of moisturizing. This has definitely become my go-to cleansing foam.
Review posted 12/28/2009

What's your favorite beauty product??

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

3LAB on Better TV: Makeup for a Dry Winter

Makeup for a Dry Winter - - Better

Thanks so much to Celebrity Makeup Artist Cynde Watson for including us on today's Better TV segment on Winter Makeup Tips! Cynde says that you have to start with a hydrating moisturizer like 3LAB Hydra Day w/ Water-Based SPF 20!

Monday, February 22, 2010

3LAB, The New York Based Skincare Line Launches In The Middle East At Bloomingdale’s, The Dubai Mall middle east news information::3LAB, The New York Based Skincare Line Launches In The Middle East At Bloomingdale’s, The Dubai Mall

3LAB, The New York Based Skincare Line Launches In The Middle East At Bloomingdale’s, The Dubai Mall

3LAB, the celebrity favourite and renowned skincare range from New York City (3LAB says: Englewood, New Jersey really), is delighted to announce the opening of its first concession in the Middle East in Bloomingdale’s, The Dubai Mall.

When David and Erica Chung, the creators behind this innovative and successful skincare line, founded 3LAB, their primary goal was to develop a skincare line that would not only treat the skin, but perfect it. Formulated by a team of two renowned chemists and one famous dermatologist, 3LAB is precisely edited, providing customers with a streamlined range of products to address the needs of every skin type.

3LAB utilises the highest-grade raw ingredients and advanced “state-of-the-art” scientific technologies to contest the forces of nature and time. This unique process allows for the use of the best quality and largest quantities of raw ingredients.

3LAB’s product range consists of 28 unique products that treat specific areas of the face and body, addressing the needs of all skin types. The key products include:

WW Cream - A hydrating facial cream that treats wrinkles and brightens the skin using rare and gentle natural ingredients. Helps to accelerate rhythmic cellular turnover and brighten skin tone.

WW Eye Cream - A wrinkle-smoothing, skin brightening, moisture-intense treatment for under eye dark circles.

Super “h” Serum - An advanced anti-ageing treatment serum that helps to turn the visible signs of ageing around. This super age-defying booster contains Nano Claire GY ™, the world’s first cosmetic grade synthetic growth hormone that supplements growth hormones lost with age; PhytoCellTec™Super “h” Malus Domestica, stem cells from a rare Swiss Apple proven to delay chronological aging and EUK-134- the $20,000/kilo antioxidant proven to stop and reverse the signs of past damage. This serum uses our bio-engineered growth hormone to help revive inactive skin cells; plant stem cell technology to create healthy cells below the skin’s surface at the dermal/epidermal junction and a powerful antioxidant that mimics natural defense enzymes found in the skin to ward off UV damage.

“h” Serum - A clinically proven, luxurious “re-birth effect” serum that contains the world’s first bioengineered growth hormone that helps effectively reverse skin ageing. A topical growth hormone that re-awakens dormant skin cells and brings the skin of your youth back to life.

“M” Cream - M”iraculous, “M”arvelous, “M”agnificent and works in a “M”inute! A luxury skin de-stressing cream that works to increase resiliency and cellular turnover while giving the skin a naturally radiant glow from the inside out.

Perfect Neck Cream - A hydrating, firming cream that contains advanced anti-ageing ingredients including 3LAB's bio-engineered growth hormone to help fight the signs of ageing. It also contains effective skin contouring and slimming ingredients help to reduce the appearance of neck fat and "double chin" while potent protectors help to even out skin tone and minimise the signs of past environmental damage. Feels light and luxurious on the skin; does not leave a sticky feeling on the neck.

Thanks so much to: Al Bawaba (!!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Thank you ABC News and celebrity make-up artist, Cynde Watson for letting everyone in on the secret to getting the right moisturizer during the dry, winter months; “You really want to look for that hydrating ingredient like the ones in 3LAB’s Hydra Day …so you’re getting that water in your skin,”says Cynde.

Hydra Day is a water-based hydrating cream that provides protection from UVA/UBA rays with an SPF of 20. This moisturizer is infused with antioxidants and not only protects the skin against environmental elements such as wind, pollution, and smoke but its light texture goes on smooth without any residue.

Make-up Artist Tip: Hydra Day is an excellent, non-comedogenic moisturizer that doubles as a pre-makeup base for all skin types!
Thanks Cynde! We love your collection too: Color by Cynde Watson

Friday, February 12, 2010

CBS 7 Helps Guys (and Gals) Get Ready for Valentine's Day!

Thank you to Jack, Kimberley and Taryn for featuring 3LAB on their show and reminding guys what girl’s really want for Valentine’s Day: 3LAB Perfect Mask for a spa-like treatment at home!

The Perfect Mask ($120 for six treatments) is a skin purifying, non-woven, 100% cotton sheet mask that lifts and brightens the skin- even after just one use! The mask itself is infused with Nano Claire GY™, Green Tea and other powerful antioxidants that effectively reverse the aging process while Ginko Biloba helps to improve blood circulation.

So guys: bring home the spa for your girls on Sunday
And girls: if the guys don’t take the hint, treat yourself!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Baby, It’s Cold Outside!!!

We’re enjoying the snow on the East Coast and hope that everyone else is! Winter weather can be harsh on your skin leaving it dry and dullness. But remember, no matter what your skin type, never leave the house without a good moisturizer. Our favorite is the WW Cream which hydrates while combating and preventing uneven skin tone, facial lines, wrinkles, and plumping up the skin. So go out and play in the snow like you did when you were a kid and let us worry about keeping your skin looking the part!

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