Sunday, March 8, 2015

Happy International Women's Day

In honor of international Women's Day we thought it would be the perfect time to get to know our Co-Founder and Creator a little better.

As a veteran of the cosmetics industry for more than 20 years, Erica Chung is 3LAB’s self-proclaimed “toughest customer”. Frustrated with skincare that failed to deliver what she was looking for, Erica sought to create the perfect anti-aging skin care line – one that would address and treat all of the signs of aging from wrinkles to skin tone imperfections.

It is this quest for the holy grail, a results-driven product range, that drives Erica to work tirelessly, along with the chemists and scientists, in her cutting-edge laboratory and state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

Growing up with a famous artist father ensured beauty and the pursuit of perfection where woven into her DNA.  She is considered a pioneer in the beauty industry, introducing the world’s first bio-engineered human growth hormone – Nano Claire GY™ and Apple Stem Cell technology into the range and most recently, the pharmaceutically derived “smart” technology delivery system X50 and Intelligent Targeting Device in the Platinum Collection.

With 39 products in the range, Erica is continuing to develop, create and introduce the most cutting edge products to the market.

60 Seconds with Erica Chung

What is your morning routine?  Its all about the skin, beautiful skin is the first thing people notice.  If you have more time that’s when you add the color.
Perfect Mask

What is your beauty Secret Weapon?  Sunscreen! And Perfect Mask, it works miracles on your skin before going out or after the harsh days. It is especially great for traveling to revive my skin after a long flight.

Celebrity Fans of 3LAB?  Jennifer Lopez uses WW Brightening Cream and Princess Charlene of Monaco uses a lot of the products in the range. There is a long list!

Top Beauty Secret? Products targeting the skins clarity and pigmentation because wrinkles are not the only sign of skin aging.  Clear and even skin tone is the key sign of youthful, healthy skin.

Anti-Aging Cream
The product you can’t live without?  I cannot say one single product, I use all of my products, but I can’t live without my new Anti-Aging Cream, Super H Serum, C Treatment Serum, Perfect Repair, and Perfect GLOW Serum. As you can tell I love my serums and layer 2 serums daily.
I also love “M” Cream and Super Eye Treatment. I travel so much so they are perfect for fixing puffiness, dark circles and wrinkles.

Who is your favorite fashion designer(s)? Etro, Alaiya, Pucci, and Betsy Johnson to name a few
Who do you most admire? I don’t not admire people per say. I admire individuals who pursue self improvement- heart and mind.

What is your favorite book?  Real Happiness by Sharon Salzerg
Where is your ultimate holiday destination? The mountains where I can mediate

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Brr..... How to Beat the Winter Blues with 3LAB

If last week was an indication of the winter ahead here are a few tips  to beat the winter blues.

With temperatures hovering around the freezing mark, gloves and mittens appear to be gifts from the gods. Yes these clever  winter accessories are life savers but they wreak havoc on your hands. Although gloves leave our hands toasty and warm they also leave your hands dry and cracked. We have the perfect little solution! Before you head out the door drop 3LAB's Perfect Hand Cream into your purse. As soon as you reach your final destination swap your gloves for a few dime sized amounts of Perfect Hand Cream. Believe us, your hands will thank you.

Perfect Hand Cream $45
During these cold months, covering up is key; however, your lips are constantly exposed to the elements ! In addition to Perfect Hand Cream, Perfect Lips is a great travel companion. Infused with 3LAB’s bio engineered growth hormone and apple stem cell technology Perfect Lips is a luxuriously hydrating lip treatment that provides dry, dehydrated lips with intense, long-lasting moisture. We know your next question, what if I love lipstick?  Not to worry, Perfect Lips penetrates quickly allowing you to apply your lipstick on top!

With Valentines day one month away we want to make sure your lips are in kissable shape!

Perfect Lips $40

With these two tips we hope wish you nothing but PERFECT skin this winter season!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

3LAB Travels to the 2013 TFWA World Exhibition

3LAB Booth


This October 3LAB traveled to Cannes, France to showcase its newest and upcoming launches at the annual TFWA World Exhibition.

According to , 6,303 delegates representing 2,917 companies descended upon the Palais Des Festivals in Cannes. Better known for the iconic Cannes Film festival, the convention center hosted the best of the best in duty free and travel retail.

Over the course of five days 3LAB met with global distributors, international press and potential business partners to further expand the 3LAB business. In addition, visitors from all over the world stopped by eager to learn more about the brand and to meet the Co-Founder and Creator, Erica Chung.

The week, though busy, was a success! 3LAB left the expo after successful meetings with its  global distributors and elated at the growing international brand recognition. Needless to say, the industry is buzzing about 3LAB’s Super Trio and upcoming 2014 launches including Aqua BB, the world’s most innovative BB Cream.

What is next for 3LAB? Further exploring new points of distribution including new doors and the expansion into the duty free market.


Until next time…

Au Revoir Cannes!

3LAB with Glamour Team (Czech Republic)

3LAB with Nobilis Team (Germany)