Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

A 3LAB Mother's Day

Every mother deserves to be pampered more than once a year; however, for those moms who only experience the special treatment once a year, we wanted to make their day EXTRA special!

With the help of Denise Freudenberg and her blog Style Apothecary, we searched for one deserving mother to win our Mother's Day giveaway. After tons of entries, we chose our winner Amanda Hearly. The touching story about her mother is a poignant example of a woman who is willing to lend a helping hand.

"My mom works full-time at a grocery store. She was walking to the florist when she noticed a young boy studying bouquets of flowers with a concerned look upon his face. Curious, she watched him flit from bouquet to bouquet occasionally glancing down at ta small wad of ones in his hand. Finally, she asked him if he need any help. He said he lived near by at Algonquin (one of the low-income housing neighborhoods) and wanted to buy his mother some flowers for her birthday.

The problem was he only had a few dollars and wasn't sure he could afford any of the beautiful arrangement. My mother, heart bursting, helped him pick out the most beautiful bouquet in the store. The boy proudly took them to the register and my mother slipped the cashier the money. She told the boy there were a couple of extra dollars left over and he should buy himself a candy bar. Wishing his mother a very happy birthday, she returned to her workday. In my eyes , my mother is an angel. I think this gift would allow her to feel like the goddess she is "


We sure hope this gift makes Amanda's mom feel like a goddess. Her mother will receive a great prize pack featuring PERFECT MASK, PERFECT Cleansing Gel, 15 ml "M" Cream, PERFECT LIPS, and Super "H" Serum.

Happy Mother's Day to all of our 3LAB fans!

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