Thursday, December 11, 2008

Perfect Mask Sells Out at Selfridges!!!


Miracle face mask sell-out success

Waiting lists are growing for a new 'miracle', hormone-infused face mask which sold out within a week of going on sale in London.

Celebrities like Kate Hudson, Jennifer Lopez and Helen Mirren are all said to be fans of 3LAB's Perfect Mask, which contains the bio-engineered human growth hormone, Nano-Claire GY™.Hugely popular in the States, where it sells out within a single day of shelves being restocked, the mask first went on sale in Selfridges last week, but has already sold out and a growing waiting list put in its place.

With a price tag of £75 for six sachets, you'd expect pretty good results, but the store's beauty buying manager, Christine Benson, promises that's exactly what you'll get.

'I've tried so many face masks and more often than not they just don't live up to their promise,' she says.'3LAB's Perfect Mask is completely revolutionary, in just 10 minutes your skin looks and feels even better than if you had an hour long facial at a fraction of the cost. It should be the first thing anyone puts on before getting ready to go out to ensure perfect glowing skin or anytime you need a re-hydrating boost.'

With all these Christmas parties (and the morning-after hangovers), no wonder they're shifting so fast.

Friday 5 December 2008

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Unknown said...

It seemed to be a good product, no wonder it sold out.

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