Thursday, April 9, 2009

Women's Health Magazine Declares 3LAB "M" Cream Beauty's Next Big Thing!!!


"In skin care as in politics, stem cells are always a hot topic. In the past, brands like ReVive, Amatokin, and Dior have offered creams that stimulate stem-cell regeneration to make skin look smoother and younger. Now scientists are infusing products with stem cells from plants and fruits. A study published last year in the International Journal for Applied Science found that PhytoCellTec Malus-the extract made from cultured apple stem cells that's in 3LAB's new "M" Cream-reduced crow's feet by 15 percent in 20 subjects after four weeks. How do you like them apples? (Sorry, couldn't resist.)" - Roopika Nayar, Women's Health Magazine, April 2009
3LAB "M" Cream is available online at:

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