Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ready for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is coming! Hope you all are enjoying every street and shop decorated with chocolate fumes. Did you buy some chocolates and/or teddy bear for your lover? Are you expecting romantic date with romantic moods? For your more romantic and lovely Valentine's day, here are more things that you should not forget to prepare.

Your kissable lips and holdable hands!

Let's make believe your lips are dehydrated and dry and your hands are as tough as wool. Who wants to kiss those lips or hold those hands on a Valentines Day stroll, not I!

We have the perfect way to pamper you skin before the big day!

Perfect Lips: Keep you lips kissable/ soft with this luxurious lip balm. Not only will it keep your lips hydrated but it will also provides your skin with added anti-oxidants, vitamins and botanicals to add volume giving you fuller looking lips. Best of all Perfect lips is easily absorbed into the skin so you can finish your look with your favorite lip stick!

Perfect Hand Cream: If you live in the Northeast it is extremely cold outside, leaving your hands extremely dry. Try to make it habit to carry Perfect Hand cream in your purse and apply throughout the day. If you keep this routine your hands will look luxuriously hydrated in time for Valentines day!

Perfect Mask: In preparation for Valentines day, pamper you self with a mini facial at home. . A 100% cotton, non-woven mask that provides a unique delivery system for highly progressive ingredients to penetrate deep, below the skin's surface delivering exceptional levels of scientifically advanced, efficacious anti-aging ingredients that synergistically lift, firm and brighten skin.

With these 3 products, your skin is will look radiantly youthful on Valentines day.

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