Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Are You Ready For Independence Day?

Can you believe it is July 3rd? That means 4th of July is only 1 day away. Is your skin ready for a weekend full of celebration? Here are a few tips to keep your skin in tip top shape for a weekend full of activities.

Refresh Your Skin:
Are you hosting a 4th of July BBQ this year? Make sure you look well rested and rejuvenated before and after your celebration with 3LAB Perfect Mask. While you are busy putting the last minute touches to your party or finally resting after a successful gathering; take a few minutes for yourself. Set aside 15 minutes and relax with this 100% cotton facial mask that provides a unique delivery system allowing 3LAB's cocktail of efficacious ingredients to penetrate deep below the skin's surface. After your mini facial your skin will look radiant.

Protect Your Skin:
It is summer and the sun rays are at their peak. Don't forget to protect your skin with your favorite sunscreen. We recommend our Perfect Sunscreen SPF 50+ Broad Spectrum or your favorite  shade of Perfect BB SPF 40. Although applying sunscreen is a great start, remember to reapply throughout the day. Sunscreen Tips

Treat Your Skin:
If you happen to spend too much time in the sun this holiday weekend, do not worry. Make sure to add Super "h" Serum to your skincare regimen. This luxurious serum will help to diminish and reverse the effects of UV damage. This serum will also reduce the appearance of dark spots and work to brighten and tighten the skin.

Finally Cleanse Your Skin:
After spending hours in the sun, your skin is in need of a deep cleanse to remove the oil, sunscreen and excessive perspiration from the day. We recommend double cleansing with Perfect Facial Wash  or Perfect Cleansing Scrub. The best way to perfect your skin is to start with a clean face. After all, great works of at start with a clean, blank canvas.

With these tips we hope you have a healthy and safe Independence Day!

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