Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Brr..... How to Beat the Winter Blues with 3LAB

If last week was an indication of the winter ahead here are a few tips  to beat the winter blues.

With temperatures hovering around the freezing mark, gloves and mittens appear to be gifts from the gods. Yes these clever  winter accessories are life savers but they wreak havoc on your hands. Although gloves leave our hands toasty and warm they also leave your hands dry and cracked. We have the perfect little solution! Before you head out the door drop 3LAB's Perfect Hand Cream into your purse. As soon as you reach your final destination swap your gloves for a few dime sized amounts of Perfect Hand Cream. Believe us, your hands will thank you.

Perfect Hand Cream $45 www.3lab.com
During these cold months, covering up is key; however, your lips are constantly exposed to the elements ! In addition to Perfect Hand Cream, Perfect Lips is a great travel companion. Infused with 3LAB’s bio engineered growth hormone and apple stem cell technology Perfect Lips is a luxuriously hydrating lip treatment that provides dry, dehydrated lips with intense, long-lasting moisture. We know your next question, what if I love lipstick?  Not to worry, Perfect Lips penetrates quickly allowing you to apply your lipstick on top!

With Valentines day one month away we want to make sure your lips are in kissable shape!

Perfect Lips $40 www.3lab.com

With these two tips we hope wish you nothing but PERFECT skin this winter season!

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