Monday, August 3, 2009

In Style Magazine LOVES 3LAB Super "h" Serum - soon to hit the UK beauty counters!!!

In Style Magazine - UK
Words: Laura Evans

"American Beauty

These new sonder products have caused a storm in teh States are jetting over to a beauty counter near you. InStyle reviews the hottest US anti-ageing imports

...The super-duper serum
3LAB's original "h" Serum stormed into Selfridges last year with a two-month waiting list. Now say hello to the revved-up firming, hydrating and brightening Suer "h" Serum (a top sellert in Barneys New York since its debut in April). The men in white coats have had their work cut out - the Super is packed with a higher dose of teh wolrd's first bioengineered growth homonre (which boosts cell renewal), stem cells from apples to ward off wrinkles nda a pricy $20,000 per kilo antioxidant and UV-protector. When it arrives in Selfridges in September, we want in!

Great for...those who like to be up on the latest technology.

Super "h" Serum, GBP215, 3LAB (0800 123 400"

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