Tuesday, November 3, 2009

3LAB Perfect Neck Cream featured on Fox News' Save Me Steve: Look Younger

Save Me Steve: Look Younger

So I've got to admit it: looking younger and feeling better are both on my wish list.

I think that they are on all of our wish lists.

Well Fox 4's Steve Noviello says that there are plenty of products that can help us out...

There are so many products out there but this morning, we chose these five in particular because they truly target those areas that are often most difficult...We're talking about the hardest part on a woman’s body - the part that always shows the signs of aging.

You see a lot of women with tight faces and then you see the aging neck. And it's because it's the area that most women never concentrate on. Well, the folks at 3LAB are introducing a new product called the
Perfect Neck Cream and it’s available exclusively at Barneys New York. Now here’s the deal: it contains ingredients that actually help to slim the lipids that store fat in the neck which decreases the appearance of sagging skin and makes you look younger.

Nice added bonus: during the month of November, they will be donating 10% of proceeds to Cancer and Careers.

Does it take care of wrinkles or the turkey part?
It takes care of both! It tightens and firms. It's fantastic and getting great reviews!!!

Super big THANKS to Steve and all of the folks at Fox!!!

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