Monday, November 23, 2009

The Paramus Post Takes a 3LAB R&D and Manufacturing Facility Tour...Hairnets and All!!!

A Visit To 3LAB, Skincare People
Mel Fabrikant
of the Paramus Post

3LAB If the products are half as good as the hospitality extended to Sophie Stone and me, then they are fabulous!

We had an appointment for 3 PM at their Englewood plant. Ringing the outer bell summoned a pretty intern, Nil Silpagar. Almost immediately, Stephanie Scott, Director of Marketing and Communications, emerged with a warm embrace for Sophie and a welcome handshake for me. We were escorted into a showroom/boardroom where Stephanie gave us some preliminaries and caveats. We could only take pictures in designated areas.

Stephanie, Nil, Sophie and I proceeded to take a tour of the Research and Development labs, the hand packaging area of some of the items ( to ensure quantity and quality ) and into the product mixing area. For these, we had to don hairnets! We climbed a platform to look directly down into a tremendous mixing vat; we passed on climbing to a taller one!

Finishing the viewing of how products are created and packaged, we were led into the office and introduced to Ron DeLuca, Spencer Kanis and Robert Stein. Saving the best for last, we were introduced to owner Erica Chung who partners with David, her husband. Once again, Sophie got a hug!

Escorted back to the showroom, Erica made us feel right at home, as if we were old friends and having beverage and a delicious creamy cake which she served. In that warm atmosphere, Erica answered all the questions that I posed. After all, 3LAB products are not run of the mill.

Found only in upper echelon stores and online, priced much higher than other companies, there has to be credibility to their beauty claims. Erica reassured me that their products were tested and affirmed by an outside independent testing facility. Their products will reduce aging spots, wrinkles, bags under the eyes, sunscreen and moisturize. Considering the cost of Botox treatments and the required office visits, there is a niche for 3LAB products.

Erica, wonderful hostess that she is, escorted us to the outer door where we kissed goodbye.

Contact 3LAB at for further information.

Thanks Mel and Sophie!!!

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